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ED 172 Transitional provisions for CET colleges Click HereExposure Draft08 February 2018Click Here
ED 171 Consultation on work programme for 2021 to 2023 Click HereExposure Draft28 February 2018Click Here
ED 170 IPSASB Exposure Draft on Amendents IPSAS 36 and IPSAS 41 Click HereConcurrent Exposure Draft15 October 2018Click Here
ED 169 Proposed Amendments to GRAP 1 Click HereExposure Draft07 December 2018Click Here
ED 168 Proposed Guideline on Materiality Click HereExposure Draft07 December 2018Click Here
ED 167 Proposed Revision to the Standard of GRAP on Financial Instruments Click HereExposure Draft07 December 2018Click Here
ED 166 Proposed Guideline on Accounting for Landfill Sites Click HereExposure Draft30 November 2018Click Here
ED 165 Proposed Amendments to IGRAP1 Applying the Probability Test on Initial Recognition of Revenue Click HereExposure Draft31 August 2018Click Here
ED 164 Proposed IGRAP on Accounting for Adjustments to Revenue Click HereExposure Draft31 August 2018Click Here
ED 163 IPSASB Exposure Draft on Improvements on IPSAS Click HereConcurrent Exposure Draft30 June 2018Closed
ED 162 IPSASB Exposure Draft on Strategy and work plan Click HereConcurrent Exposure Draft01 June 2018Closed
ED 161 IPSASB Exposure Draft on Leases Click HereConcurrent Exposure Draft15 June 2018Closed
ED 160 IPSASB Exposure Draft onSocial Benefits Click HereConcurrent Exposure Draft02 March 2018Closed
ED 159 IPSASB Exposure Draft on Revisions Financial Instruments Click HereConcurrent Exposure Draft08 December 2018Closed
ED 158 IPSASB Consultation Paper on Accounting for Revenue and Non-Exchange Expenses Click HereConcurrent Exposure Draft30 November 2017Closed
ED 157 Proposed Transitional Provisions for Interests in Other Entities Click HereExposure Draft31 October 2017Closed
ED 156 IPSASB Consultation Paper on Reporting for Heritage in the Public Sector Click HereExposure Draft15 September 2017Closed
ED 155 Exposure Draft of Proposed Amendments to Directive 6 Click HereExposure Draft14 July 2017Closed
ED 154 Transitional provisions for Living and Non-living Resources Click HereExposure Draft31 July 2017Closed
ED 153 Proposed IGRAP on Liabilities to Pay Levies Click HereExposure Draft31 January 2017Closed